Jack Metzger

Obituary of Jack Raymond Metzger


Raymond A. Metzger
Lucille E. (Dower) Metzger


Survived by:

Shirley R. (Metzger) Stanger - Sister
Michael J. Metzger – Brother
Many Nephews and Nieces
Many Friends


Jack died in Mt. View after a long battle with a variety of health issues that combined to drain him of his great strength.


Jack lived his life on his terms which included giving much of himself to others without expectation of recognition or personal gain.  He was, at various times, an athlete, a soldier, a crusader for perfection and an idealist.  He gave himself unselfishly to those who knew him and to the communities where he lived and worked.


His wry sense of humor brought smiles to his friends.  His caring nature was shown in the support he gave to others, with his efforts and expertise and with his emotional support in times of need.  He expressed his loving nature by ‘adopting’ friends from California to Panama and treating them as his extended family – providing assistance and support in any way he could.


He was an architect, a contractor, and a developer who pursued perfection often at his own expense.  He always treated his clients and investors as his friends and gave himself totally to the project, whether big or small.  He was a dreamer sometimes frustrated by the real world - a Don Quixote in the modern world.  He held himself to a standard few could achieve and had little patience for bureaucratic delays.


He was a perfectionist in many ways.  From his approach to projects to his personal image, he always sought to project professionalism and style.  One of his favorite expressions was that of needing to get ‘organized’ – a goal he spent his lifetime pursuing.


He expressed the love he carried inside a gruff exterior through his caring for his ‘adopted’ families.  From building swing sets and playhouses, to taking trips to ice-skating, ballets or just for a hamburger and milk-shake, he expressed his love through his actions.  He educated & mentored nephews and helped and guided family and friends whenever he could.


He always improved the communities in which he lived and worked.  From organizing beach clean-up crews to filling potholes when no one was looking, as well as saving and growing a Aptos community Christmas tree to start a community tradition, Jack always contributed without being asked.  He was a true community activist who preferred action over words.


Jack was also a brother and a friend to his siblings and their families.  He would often show up with gifts unannounced and unexpected.  He would provide help or advice whenever needed.  He was a brother, a friend, and a hero who will be sorely missed.

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