William James Prouty

William James Prouty was born in Fresno, California, on November 20, 1941. He passed into glory at his home in Cupertino, California, on May 23, 2020, age 78. He was preceded in death by his parents, James Nathaniel and Cleo Emogene Prouty as well as his step-mother Joyce Jeanette Prouty. 

Bill is survived by his wife, Barbara Joan Prouty, and by his brother Danny (Kris) Prouty and niece Meaghan (Rob) Windels, and sister Carol (Louie) Chavez, and nephews Keith (Jill), Cameron (Patricia) & family, and Craig (Toby) & family, and by his children, Karen (Roeland) deSterke, and James (Kathleen) Prouty, and by 5 grandchildren- Kyle and Garrit deSterke, and Eric William (in honor of his grandfather), Jamie, and Kelly Prouty. Bill has one aunt JoAnn (Don) Johnson & family, and cousins from his late aunt Maurine (Merle) Gow as well as Phil (Ella) Fistler, son of his late aunt Nora. Through marriage, Bill has gained Barbara’s family; her daughter Deborah (Mike) Badger, her grandchildren Keith (Cara), Kirk and Chad Badger, and two great grandchildren, Bekah and Sadie Badger. Bill is survived by Barbara’s brother, Robert (Patricia) Moyle, a nephew Brian (Tien) Moyle & family, and a niece, Sue (Kirk) Zobac & family. Patricia has two daughters, Chris and Toni & their families. 

Bill graduated from Antioch High School, and his love of football led him to Diablo Valley College to play as a linebacker and defensive captain. Bill's first marriage was in December of 1962, and his enlistment with the United States Air Force moved the family to Wichita, Kansas where Karen Prouty (deSterke) was born, and then to Bermuda where Jim Prouty was born. 

Beyond the Air Force, Bill's career led him to long-term employment with Hewlett Packard and Agilent as a Computer Hardware Field Engineer, where his devotion and skills provided him passage to many places around the country, and the world, which offered him the opportunity to pursue his love of outdoor sports, where he was quite accomplished in golf, hunting, fishing, and water & snow skiing. Yet it was his love of people that shone throughout his travels, and opened doors to meeting & working with a variety of people. 

It was such an open door that led Bill & Barbara to meet, at Sun Valley, Idaho on a snow ski trip. They then joined a ski club where they shared in their joy of outdoor sports, and were subsequently married in November of 1978- four days prior to his birthday! 

However, it was three years later that Bill lost his father to a heart condition, which had been undiagnosed & completely unforeseen. The extreme sorrow of this singular event in early 1981, the sudden loss of a father so young, opened yet more doors- those into 

Bill's awareness of the spiritual dimensions of our life, and he soon thereafter gave his heart, mind & soul to his Savior, Jesus Christ- a lifelong commitment and adventure from which his course never turned, nor his love waned. 

Bill's spiritual transformation in Christ radically energized his love for people, and his heart for service to others grew to eclipse even the mountains he had previously skied upon! Henceforth, he tirelessly served the people of his beloved Valley Church in Cupertino, both in ushering and in helping maintain the facilities, all the while reaching out to those in need. Over time, and with many friends growing older together, Bill expanded his outreach to the elderly attending there, and to the aged faith community of friends & families therewith. 

Yet it was his wife and family, his children, and his friends where Bill's great love was most notably lavished, spilling into the lives of grandchildren & great grandchildren, enriching the lives which were touched by his Christian graciousness, kindness, and charity; an example of how a beautiful life is lived! 

We were blessed to have Bill with us longer in part due to his four pacemakers. We thank Kaiser Permanente for ordering these pacemakers (Boston Scientific + Medtronic), each one lasting approximately 10 years, giving him more quality time to be with family and friends. For those needing these devices, Medicare pays 80% and the patient picks up the remainder through their HMO health program. 

Upon early retirement , due to two open heart surgeries, Bill was awarded a beautiful, engraved mantel clock from Hewlett Packard for 25 years of outstanding service to the company as well as to Agilent. 

The family wishes to extend their gratitude to; San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery (Daniel), Spangler Mortuary, Los Altos (Gary Brown), and Valley Church, Pastors Kurt Jones and Daniel Kim, Glen & Patty Miller, Russ & Rowena Dilley, John McDill, Kurt Geiger, the Beich’s, Jaime & Marcia Burnett, Dave & Robin Garland, Pat Jensen, Charles Ischioka, Peter & Janice Grilli, Dan Thomson, the Sterner family, the Mack family, Duane & Marilyn Gifford, Walt Firstbrook, Dave Ruder, Doumer Liu, Cindy Scott, the Winsor’s, Bill Phillipson, Lyman & J. Mae Taylor, Lillian Trageser, Elaine Nelson, Burt Lancaster, Larry Rybak, the Tranberg’s, the Chavez family, Joe & Arlis Howard, Schola Cantorum members, as well as the late Manoukians, the late Joe Esway, the late Grover & Betty Sinsley, and the late Kelsey Patterson & family. 

Memorial gifts may be sent to Valley Church, c/o “Missions” 10885 N. Stelling Rd. Cupertino, CA 95014 

Bill's favorite hymns & choruses: “I Love you Lord”; “Jesus paid it all”; “Great is Thy Faithfulness”; “To God be the Glory”; C.D. “Find Me Faithful” by Steve Green. 

Some of Bill's favorite Bible chapters & verses: 

● Psa. 5: verses 1 - 3 

● Psa. 9: verses 1 & 2 

● Psa. 15: verses 1 - 3 

● Psa. 18: verses 1 - 3 

● Psa. 24: verses 1 - 10 

● Psa. 25: verses 4 - 7 

● Psa. 34: verses 1 - 3, 8 - 10, 15 - 19 

● Psa. 40: verses 1 - 8 

● Psa. 46: verses 1 - 11 

● Psa. 61: verses 1 - 5 

● Psa. 73: verses 24, 26, 28 

● Psa. 84: verses 10 - 12 

● Psa. 90 & 91: verses 1 & 2 

● Psa. 103: verses 1 - 5 

● Psa. 105: verses 1 - 5 

● Psa. 121 

● Eph. 6: verses 10 - 18 (The Armor of God) 

● Gal. 2:20 

● Phil. 4: verses 4 - 9 

● 1st Thess. 5: verses 15 - 22 

● 2nd Tim. 3: verses 10 - 17