Live Streaming Funeral Services 

The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has placed many restrictions on chapel services and we understand that some friends and family will not be able to attend because of this. In an effort to provide the experience that you expect we are offering our Live Streaming Service in our Sunnyvale and Los Altos locations at a discounted rate during the pandemic.

Live Stream All Over the World

  • We have partnered with Viewlogies to offer a real time webcast complete with audio that can be viewed by friends and family both far and near. 
  • View at your convenience or join the live stream.
  • Recordings of the service provided to invited members. 
  • A lasting memory that is yours to keep and rewatch or share.  

Why Would you Choose to Stream? 

  • High quality 1080p resolution with full view of the chapel. 
  • No more tripod and cell phone setup with limited range and quality. 
  • Recordings start a few minutes before the service and end a few minutes after.
  • Real time viewing along with access to view at a later date.  
  • Providing access to friends and family who cannot make it for any number of reasons. 
  • The video belongs to you and can be viewed through your private link for years to come.