Yueh-Ying Tai Chu

My grandmother, Yueh-Ying T Chu, is an optimistic, strong, and independent woman who touched the lives of everyone she met. 


My grandmother lived her life to the fullest and with great joy. She was baptized in 1981, and shared her love and joy freely. About 15 years ago, she joined the YMCA to fight bone density loss. She became a regular at the YMCA pool, sharing her love joy with the staff and the friends she made, even as she battled the pain and frustration from her physical condition.


My grandmother worked tirelessly to support and strengthen her family, starting with selling breakfast in Taiwan at age 11. In one of her proudest achievements, she single-handedly brought her five daughters to the United States, and then helped each of them complete masters degrees, reaching a level of education she never achieved for herself. Echoing her own love for knitting, my grandmother also encouraged her daughters to pursue their passions on top of scholastic achievements, nurturing them in activities such as Chinese dance, ballet, swimming, painting, piano, and debate. In turn, her daughters would pass on these dual values of education and passion to their children, forever shaping our lives for the better.


Above all else, my grandmother loved those around her, whether friends, family, or new acquaintances, and embraced the time she shared with them. She expressed that love in many subtle, but profound ways. Those of us who had the privilege of calling her wai po saw her love in the how she always kept embarrassing childhood photos of us in her wallet, and energetically showed them to everyone she met, including our significant others. For many others, it took the form of stealthily pressing a hard candy into your hands, so it would be your secret just in case your parents would not approve. But for everyone, it showed in her glowing smile as she cherished the time she spent with you, no matter the setting, and no matter how brief.



I will miss her presence, and her love in all its forms, as I know each of you will. Thank you, Grandma, for being a part of our lives, and you will always be in our hearts. We love you!